Hey Liberals? You know how you hate Fox News for being so evil and biased?

I just want you to be aware of something that I’m sure you’ve all glossed over in your minds (if you were even paying attention)

Christ Matthews of MSNBC had this to say after the election


For those of you to lazy to watch “I’m so glad for that storm.. err I mean politically, yes yes politically… who cares if people died, are starving, have no home, no shelter, no heat… IT GAVE OBAMA A CHANCE TO LOOK PRESIDENTIAL FOR ONCE IN HIS FOUR YEARS IN OFFICE! IT WAS PERFECT TIMING AND AWESOME!”

The man this news channel puts on the air just said he was grateful for a tragedy that struck our nation and we’re still not done recovering from, as long as it gave his party a boost.

Think about this the next time you flip to one of those “unbiased” news outlets (ie: msnbc, cnn, or read a blog online). They’re not nearly so unbiased, and frankly they don’t give a damn about you OR the facts.

Just something to think about

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